Quality Luxury and Refinement - Audi Ranked Number One by Consumer Reports


Some publications have only a small impact on the industry they cover, while others have a major effect. Consumer Reports clearly belongs in the latter category - for decades this consumer affairs magazine has been the gold standard for smart shoppers and discerning buyers. Its ratings are taken seriously, not only by consumers but by manufacturers as well.
Simply put, when the editors at Consumer Reports speak, the automotive industry takes notice. They know that buyers from coast to coast rely on the rankings and reliability data Consumer Reports compiles, and they know that being named a top pick is a very big honor indeed.
That is why the folks at Audi were so pleased to have been named number one by the editors at Consumer Reports. This is a major honor, and one that very few automakers are able to achieve. The distinction is further proof that the automotive engineers at Audi are clearly on the right track, creating vehicles that are safe, reliable and above all fun to drive.
The annual rankings presented by Consumer Reports are anxiously awaited by everyone in the automotive industry. The fact that Audi tops the list is proof of the high quality, advanced technology and dedication to detail for which the iconic German nameplate is so well known. Consumer Reports is a powerhouse in the industry, and by naming Audi a top pick the magazine has given addition confidence to buyers from around the country and throughout the world.
In ranking the dozens of vehicle and automotive manufacturers on the market, the editors at Consumer Reports looked at a number of different factors, each one of them important to the average buyer. The editors at Consumer Reports considered the safety features of the vehicle, evaluating everything from the results of crash testing to the presence of the most advanced driver protective technology.
The editors at Consumer Reports also looked at the driving experience for each vehicle they tested, and again Audi came out on top. Driving experience is always a major factor when shopping for a car, and drivability always plays a big role in the rankings reported by Consumer Reports.
The fact that Audi scored so well on the drivability rankings should come as no surprise to long time watchers of the brand. Audi vehicles have always been known for not only their safety but the fact that they are a blast to drive. From its smartly styled luxury sedans to its exciting sports cars, the Audi stable is filled with vehicles that are fun to drive and built to last.
The reliability of the vehicles tested also played a big role in the Consumer Reports rankings, and once again Audi came out on the top of the heap. The editors at Consumer Reports looked at owner satisfaction when compiling their rankings, and they found that Audi owners absolutely love their cars.
If you would like to see the results of the Consumer Reports rankings for yourself, just head down to Audi of Mentor today. Whether you are looking for an affordable luxury sedan for the daily commute or a roomy and reliable SUV for your upcoming road trip, you can drive off the lot knowing that your new purchase is a Consumer Reports top pick.

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