Driving into History - The Audi A4

Audi has a long and storied history in the world of automotive engineering. The iconic German automaker was one of the first companies to build a car, and for more than a century now they have been at the forefront of technology.
With every new model year, the automotive engineers at Audi build on the successes of the past while preparing themselves and the drivers who love their cars for an even better future. Nowhere is that dedication to continuous improvement and building on the past more evident than in the Audi A4.
The Audi A4 has been one of the biggest sellers for Audi, with the first models rolling off the assembly line way back in 1994. That means that Audi A4 has been thrilling drivers for more than two decades, with promises of many great things to come.
Throughout those more than 20 years of history, there have been four distinct generations of the Audi A4. The first generation of the Audi A4 was a replacement for the popular Audi 80, still a beloved vehicle for lovers of classic cars.
No matter what the generation, a number of things have remained consistent throughout the history of the Audi A4. The vehicle features a front engine design, with a transaxle transmission mounted just to the rear of the engine. The Audi A4 has also incorporated front wheel drive technology throughout the history of the vehicle, although many models now also offer all-wheel drive. These four wheel drive models, known as the Quattro, are among the most popular in the Audi lineup.
In fact, Audi was one of the first to offer this innovative all wheel drive option, designed to keep drivers safe in all kinds of weather conditions. From dry pavement to ice roads, the Audi A4 has been built with safety in mind.
Throughout its history, Audi has offered the A4 in a number of different body styles, including the familiar compact luxury sedan and the larger station wagon. The station wagon has long been a popular choice for families with young children, but even childless drivers found its roominess and practicality attractive.
The second and third generations of the Audi A4 also offered a convertible option, although the convertible model is now available as the Audi A5. This allowed the folks at Audi to focus more intently on creating the finest compact executive sedan with its popular A4 model.
The history of the Audi A4 is a long and successful one, but the most important thing to know is that history is still being written today. Over the years the Audi A4 has been one of the most popular vehicles in the German automaker's lineup, with drivers from all walks of life drawn to its unique combination of smart styling, roominess, comfort, design and automotive technology. If you want to celebrate the history of this great car and see what the future has to offer, just head down to Audi of Mentor to see the latest incarnation of the popular A4 luxury sedan.

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