What Can the Audi Q3 Offer You?

Audi's Q3 is one of the company's most popular models in the luxury subcompact category. It combines the comfort and convenience of a luxury car with the space-saving features you might expect from a smaller vehicle.

The Audi Q3 is centered on you as the driver and features performance options that make it a great choice for navigating the streets of Mentor with ease. However, patented all-wheel drive technology provides you with an escape to the wilderness or the open road whenever you need it.

Whether you stay in the city limits or choose to tackle roads not taken, you'll never have to do it alone when you're in the Audi Q3. Here at Audi Mentor, we understand that even when you want to seek solitude in your Q3, staying connected with MMI Navigation Plus will alert you to traffic, weather, news, and provide Wi-Fi hotspots for up to eight passengers.



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