Winter weather and temperatures can cause a lot of stress on your vehicle. You want to ensure that your vehicle is properly equipped to avoid damage during the winter season. That's why we encourage you to schedule a winter service appointment at Audi Mentor. We perform all the maintenance needed to winterize your vehicle to take on the unpredictable weather ahead. From changing oil and fluids, putting on winter tires, switching your windshield wipers, and more, we'll address it all. You can schedule your service appointment online or visit us in person today.

Oil and Fluid Changes

Cold temperatures will cause your motor oil to flow slower than when its warm out. Your motor oil protects your engine and lubricates the many moving parts, so it's important that it flows properly. If your motor oil is already dirty, it increases its inability to perform in the winter. That's why it's important to ensure that you have fresh, clean motor oil in your engine in the winter. The same goes for other fluids in your vehicle. If your fluids are low, the weather enhances their lack of performance. The coolant is especially important, as it keeps your engine from freezing up. Even windshield wiper fluid is always important to be filled properly.

Change Tires and Windshield Wipers

If you're still driving on summer tires, you might want to switch to winter or all season tires. We can equip your winter tires for you, or you can purchase some here. It's also important that your windshield wipers are working properly. Weather can change in an instant, and you want to ensure that your wipers are making it easier to see.

Schedule a Service Appointment Today

If you want to gear your vehicle up for winter, schedule a service appointment online today.

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