The summer is a great time to go on vacation with family and friends. At Audi Mentor, we want to help you ensure that your vehicle is prepared for your next adventure. That's why we encourage you to bring it in for servicing this summer. Whether it's topping off your vehicle's fluids or rotating your tires, we want to make sure your vehicle is safe. We invite you to schedule a service appointment online today and our trained Audi technicians will address any issues.

What's Recommended Auto Service in the Summer?

  • Check Your Tires: It's always important to check your tires before a trip, and even more so in the summer. We recommend checking your tires for damage and low tread at home. If you notice anything is off, bring your vehicle in and we'll address any issues. Low tire tread on the front wheels can be combatted with a quick tire rotation. This not only helps with performance, it also extends the lifespan of your tires.
  • Top Off Engine Oil and Fluids: Every fluid in your vehicle has a specific purpose. That's why it's important to check the level of all fluids. Your coolant keeps your radiator cool and it's important to ensure that the reservoir is properly filled. Your motor oil protects, cools, and lubricates the many parts in your engine. If you wait too long, that oil gets dirty, it won't be able to perform its job properly. You'll also want to top off windshield wiper fluid and all others so your vehicle is properly equipped.
  • Test Your Battery: The last thing you want on your summer trip is for your vehicle's battery to die. We recommend checking the battery's charge and replacing it if need be before a long trip.

Schedule a Service Appointment at Audi Mentor Today

If you need servicing this summer, we invite you to schedule a service appointment online at Audi Mentor today.

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