With the winter approaching quickly, now's the time to service your vehicle at Audi Mentor. We want to ensure that your vehicle is properly equipped and prepared for winter driving. That's why we offer quick, professional Audi Fall servicing. Fall servicing allows us to inspect your entire vehicle and address any issues before winter weather arrives. Fall servicing includes things like tire rotations and changeovers, oil and fluid changes, and more. We invite you to schedule a service appointment online or come visit us at Audi Mentor and we'll service your vehicle today.

Why is Fall Servicing Important?

Winter weather can be stressful on your vehicle. The cold can affect many areas of your Audi vehicle and it's important to ensure that your vehicle is prepared. Even with Quattro® all-wheel drive, the only way to maintain optimal traction and control is having the right winter tires. If you need your winter tires put on, we can change them over for you in a quick and convenient manner. If you need to purchase new tires, you can buy them in our tire center. We have many name brand tires for sale and can help you pick out the right ones for your car.

Winter weather takes a toll on the fluids in your vehicle. Cold weather makes motor oil flow slowly or even not at all. If your motor oil is dirty or at a low level, it can make it even worse. We invite you to get an oil change this fall to properly protect and lubricate your engine.

Schedule a Fall Service Appointment Online Today

We invite you to schedule a test drive online and we'll get your vehicle ready for winter in no time.

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