The winter weather around Mentor can cause your vehicle a lot of stress. It can also be dangerous for travel if your vehicle isn't properly maintained and ready for the unexpected weather ahead. At Audi Mentor, we want you to be safe and your vehicle to perform at the highest level. That's why we encourage you to visit us for winter maintenance on any Audi vehicle. Our technicians are experts on all things Audi and have the tools and parts to address any issue. From refilling fluids and rotating your tires, to changing your windshield wipers and battery, we do it all conveniently. Schedule a winter service appointment online, or come visit our service center for maintenance today.

What Kind of Servicing Do We Offer in the Winter?

Our technicians and service center are here to address any issues affecting your Audi vehicle. During the winter, there're certain areas of your vehicle that need more attention. One of the most important components to check are your tires. It's important to have winter tires on your vehicle when living in the Mentor area. Even if your vehicle has all-wheel drive, the right winter tires are crucial to performance and safety. We can put your winter tires on for you, or help you purchase the right new tires in our tire center. It's also a good idea to check your brake system to ensure all components are working correctly.

Refilling your fluids ensures that your vehicle will continue to perform the way it's engineered to. We'll change your oil for you, and refill fluids like coolant, power steering, brake, and more.

Schedule a Winter Service Appointment Today

If you need Audi service or repairs this winter, we encourage you to schedule an appointment online today.

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