Spring is finally upon us, which means it's time for your vehicle to get a tune-up. The winter months can be stressful on vehicles. To ensure that your car performs the way you need it to through spring and summer, visit us for servicing. Now's a great time to schedule a spring service appointment at Audi Mentor. We offer comprehensive spring maintenance, allowing us to address any issues brought on by the winter. Schedule an appointment online or over the phone and we'll get you geared up for spring in no time.

What is Spring Service?

  • Change Your Oil: Oil changes are crucial to keeping your engine healthy. Throughout the winter, lots of dirt, salt, and debris finds its way into your engine. Your motor oil is responsible for keeping your engine clean by catching and filtering that dirt. That's why it's important to change your oil in the spring. Fresh motor oil promotes better fuel economy too, helping you save in the long run.
  • Change Your Fluids: Much like your motor oil, the other fluids in your vehicle should also be changed out. We can change out important fluids, such as brake, power steering, transmission, and even windshield wiper. This lets your vehicle perform at its highest level.
  • Change Your Tires: If you still have winter tires on, we can change them for you. Changing your tires back to summer tires helps with performance and fuel economy.
  • Check Your Battery: Just as the cold winter months drain your battery's charge, so can the hot temperatures ahead. We suggest checking your battery to ensure that connections are strong, there's no corrosion, and charge is correct.

Visit Audi Mentor for Spring Service Today

When you need servicing this spring, we invite you to visit our service center for all your needs.

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