Winter is right around the corner, which means it's the right time to get your winter tires on. The temperatures can drop, and snow can start falling at any time. That's why it's important to get your winter tires put on early. At Audi Mentor, we offer fast, convenient tire changes and can put winter tires on any make and model. You can schedule a tire change appointment online or visit us in person and we'll change them in no time. You can also visit our tire center and we can help you pick out the right tires for your vehicle.

Why Are Winter Tires Important?

Softer Rubber

Winter tires are specifically designed to take on inclement winter weather. Winter tires are made using a softer rubber composition. Normal tires become stiffer in colder temperatures, leading them to not grip the road as well. The rubber used in winter tires maintains its softness, maintaining optimal traction and control driving on snow or ice.

Winter Tires have Different Tread Depth and a Special Design

Winter tires have a special design that helps them maintain control in tough weather. The tread on winter tires is deeper than regular tires. This lets your tires maintain better traction, as the snow doesn't build up as easily. They also have a unique tread pattern that funnels the snow out so it doesn't get stuck.

Lastly, winter tires have biting edges that grip into the snow, improving handling, traction, and control in any weather.

Schedule a Winter Tire Change Today

We invite you to schedule a winter tire change online at a date and time that's convenient. You can also visit our tire center to buy new winter tires for your vehicle today.

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